Police: woman, 64, and son, 33, shot and killed in McComb

Shawn Martin Butler and Barbara Butler Conerly source: Facebook
Shawn Martin Butler and Barbara Butler Conerly     source: Facebook
Shawn Martin Butler and Barbara Butler Conerly
source: Facebook

MCCOMB, Mississippi (AP) — A 64-year-old woman and her 33-year-old son were shot and killed in their home, McComb police said.

generichomicideinvestigationgraphic470x264jpg-2cd0958919122d04Police Chief Scott McKenzie says he had to wait for state crime scene investigators to say whether the deaths of Barbara Butler Conerly and Shawn Martin Butler on Friday were a murder-suicide or double homicide. However, the investigators did not find a gun under either body, indicating an outside shooter.

“We didn’t want to speculate. The way the bodies were positioned, it was possible that a handgun was underneath one of them,” he said.

State Rep. David Myers, who lives less than two blocks away, said he knew both victims.

“I see him walking in the community and his mom. I see them all the time. We’re devastated that something like this could actually happen to somebody, who as far as we know, had no issue with anybody,” Myers told the Enterprise-Journal.

McComb Detective Shannon Sullivan said the motive is unclear.

“This just seems to be a completely random act of violence, one that for investigators is very difficult to work on,” he said.

There appeared to be evidence of forced entry at the rear door, but it might not be related to this case, the police chief told WLBT-TV. Sullivan told the Enterprise-Journal that he didn’t notice any signs of forced entry at his first look.

There also weren’t any signs of a fight or struggle, he said.

The killings were the first of the year for McComb and Pike County.

Quardarius Tate, a nephew of Conerly’s and a frequent house guest, found the bodies and called police about 9:50 a.m. Friday, Sullivan said.

He said Conerly’s body was in a bedroom and his mother’s was between the kitchen and the living room.

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