Mayor Tony T. Yarber’s 2015 State of the City Address

Photos By Jay Johnson

Arts Center of Mississippi • Jackson, Miss.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Photos By Jay Johnson
Photos By Jay Johnson

Mayor'sStateofCity2015 (23) Mayor'sStateofCity2015 (25) Mayor'sStateofCity2015 (26) Mayor'sStateofCity2015 (28)Mayor Yarber thanked his colleagues on the City Council along with other elected officials and city leaders, the “amazing” city employees, and the citizens of the Bold New City of Jackson, including his wife Rosalind and children for their “unwavering support and commitment to this city.”

He extended a special thank you to the Arts Center of Mississippi for the use of “this beautiful facility” as venue for his presentation of his 2015 State of the City Address.

He said, “As Mississippi’s largest city, Jackson is often asked to bear the load and make larger sacrifices. That means our city is expected to do more with less. Over the course of the past few years, external funding from the state and federal levels has decreased.

“Family, we must have the foresight to understand that there is a great need for fiscal responsibility and accountability. The decisions we must make to reshape the financial integrity of our city are not pretty, but the consequences of improper preparation are even less attractive….”

For the Mayor’s entire address, visit the city’s website or go to News Flash, July 30.