Authorities: Gulfport bar owners sought to buy ‘China White’ heroin

A1BuqgehV2AvT3GULFPORT, Mississippi (AP) — Three South Mississippi residents have been denied bond after a court hearing on federal charges accusing them of conspiring to buy a kilogram of “China White” heroin to sell out of a Gulfport bar.

Carlos Miller, 34, Julie Michelle Glass, 31, and Randall Sheffield, 33, are each accused in the conspiracy to sell the high-grade heroin out of the Ice Daiquiri Lounge. All three have pleaded not guilty.

U.S. Magistrate Robert H. Walker on Tuesday ordered the three held without bond pending grand jury review of the case for indictment.

According to an affidavit filed by a Drug Enforcement Administration agent in the case, bar owners Miller and Glass first started trying to set up a deal to buy three kilograms of cocaine from a confidential informant in November.

During a subsequent meeting with the informant two month later, records say Miller said he sold heroin out of the bar and worked with members of a drug trafficking organization to distribute heroin in the New Orleans area.

In January, Miller and Glass met the informant again, asked to buy a kilo of heroin for $80,000, with plans to buy three more kilos once the first kilo sold.

Later, the affidavit says Miller and Glass asked to buy the one kilo of heroin along with a kilo of cocaine.

On Jan. 23, records show Miller told the informant they had a member of their drug trafficking organization holding $30,000 in cash for them and they could offer that along with a real estate deed Glass owned and the title to 2008 Dodge Charger that they could provide as partial payment for the purchase.

A short time later, Miller called the informant back from the lounge to say he’d managed to gather up $11,000 in cash to combine with the car title and the deed to make the purchase.

Three were arrested as they were allegedly driving to the make the transaction, records show.