Search widens for missing Madison teen; $25k reward offered

By Monica Land

MADISON – The search has widened for a missing Madison teen as a $25,000 reward for her safe return is being offered by her family.

Abigail Grace Bonner, 17, went missing early Saturday morning as she was last see at her family’s home, the Madison Police Department said.

Abigail is described as a white female with dark features, 5 feet 5 inches tall and about 125 pounds. She is shy, soft-spoken and very articulate.

Abigail and her family are reportedly members of First Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Jackson.

Abigail’s family has taken to social media in an effort to the find the teen, thanking them for their support as well as posting the latest search information which has reached as far as Louisiana.

“The police put their helicopters to work and our teams scoured most of the wooded areas of Madison. So far no signs of Abigail,” her uncle said in one post.

“We received a lead of a suspicious vehicle and turned that over to the police. Police have been going through in great detail her belongings and analyzing them with the family. Some insight into things but nothing yet conclusive,” he said in another.

Family members said it doesn’t appear the teen has any money, a cell phone, transportation or “a lot of clothes.”

Police are currently searching her personal computer for information leading to her disappearance, family members said.

“We do not know where she is,” her uncle, Maurice Velasquez, said on Facebook. “Together we can find her.”

A website has beenset up for information.

Anyone with information concerning the teenager’s whereabouts may call the Madison Police Department at (601) 856-6111 or Crime Stoppers at (601) 355-TIPS.