Hinds County officer fired for sex with inmate; charges pending

Melony Marshall Conwright

By Monica Land

JACKSON – A Hinds County detention officer has been fired and is facing charges for allegedly having a sexual relationship with an inmate, WLOX reported.

Melony Marshall Conwright

Melony Marshall Conwright was employed with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office as a detention officer and case worker and she worked at the Hinds County Joint State – County Work Center where incarcerated inmates are held.

On July 10, the woman’s ex-husband, Samuel Conwright, filed a complaint with the sheriff’s department alleging inappropriate activity between Conwright and Keenan Romel O’Neal, who is jailed at the work center.

Conwright’s ex produced documentation showing that she referred to O’Neal as a “father figure” to her kids on her Facebook page and made several references to their intimate relationship and how she and O’Neal’s “trust an friendship grew day by day…Then the love came..”

Conwright also allegedly posted: “We enjoy each others company… We have fun as a family anywhere we go.. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn‘t be in it.”

Following the allegation, O’Neal, 37, was questioned by investigators and revealed that on his last weekend pass, Conrwright picked him up at his sister’s apartment and the two checked into the Best Western Hotel on Beasley Road and I-55 in Jackson where they had sex several times throughout the night.

Keenan Romel O’Neal (MDOC photo)

Hinds County authorities said based on O’Neal’s statement, the Court was asked to issue an arrest warrant for Conwright on the charge of Sex With Inmate by Officer, 97-3-104.

Conwright was reportedly relieved of her duties as a deputy, but as of Monday, July 22, no formal charges had been filed against her, the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department said.

O’Neal, who is serving time for possession of cocaine, was returned to the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC).

According to MDOC, O’Neal has three convictions for possession of cocaine. One on Dec. 6, 2007 (time served) and June 7, 2004 (8 years) and April 9, 2012 (10 years).

All three convictions were in Rankin County.

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