Leflore County nurse sentenced to drug court

By Monica Land

JACKSON – A Sidon woman, who worked as a nurse at a Leflore County nursing home, has been sentenced to drug court for taking controlled substances from the facility and using them herself.

Stephanie Ray Barton, 46, appeared before Judge W. Ashley Hines in Leflore County Circuit Court on Jan. 30 and entered an open plea of guilty to one count of obtaining a controlled substance by means of fraud or subterfuge.

Barton was a licensed practical nurse working at Golden Age Nursing Home in Greenwood. Barton was accused of stealing Lorcet, a prescription painkiller containing hydrocodone, by signing for the drug on patients’ records and then keeping the medication for her own use.

Initially, she faced seven counts of illegally obtaining drugs while on duty.

Barton was sentenced to drug court, which is “an immediate and highly structured intervention process for substance abuse treatment

of eligible defendants that brings together substance abuse professionals, local social programs and intensive judicial monitoring and follows the key components of drug courts published by the Drug Court Program Office of the United States Department of Justice.”

Barton will also be required to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation, aftercare programs, and drug/alcohol testing.

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