Handgun found on Lauderdale County inmate

Anthony Duane Talley Jr

MERIDIAN – (AP) Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie says an investigation is under way to find out how an inmate at the county jail obtained a handgun.

The weapon was found on the inmate Jan. 3 prompting a search of an entire cell block.

Anthony Duane Talley Jr

The Meridian Star reported that 31-year-old Anthony Duane Talley Jr. of Meridian, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of contraband.

Sollie said that Talley was being held by himself in a single cell when he began some type of disturbance. Correctional officers found the handgun after they took Talley out of his cell and searched him.

Sollie said the .380 caliber semi-automatic was not loaded and a search of the cell block failed to turn up bullets or a clip.

Sollie said the only way a gun could have made it into the jail could have been through a window in another cell block, separated from the one in which Talley was being held on charges including an earlier firearm charge. Sollie said deputies found a window panel that was slightly pried away from the frame.

“We don’t know if that is how the gun got into the jail or not but it is possible,” Sollie said. “That window has been fixed.”

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