Rapper T.I. feels his rap presence is still strong

Even though T.I. hasn’t produced any major hits lately, the Grammy-winning rapper believes he can still sell a considerable amount of albums based on his track record.

T.I.’s credentials include 10 Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits and five platinum albums. But he has yet to make a big splash musically since he was released from jail following an 11-month term at an Arkansas prison on a probation violation. […]


Marker honors James Meredith

On Friday, the Mississippi Freedom Trail unveiled its latest marker to commemorate James Meredith’s enrollment as the first black student at Ole Miss.

“It’s important for our students today to be reminded of the sacrifices made by people like James Meredith so that they (the students) can have a better life. We are a better society because of those sacrifices,” said Daniel Jones, chancellor of the University of Mississippi. […]


Lawsuit: Race used improperly in redistricting

The Hinds County Republican Party and the county’s only white supervisor are suing four black county supervisors, charging race was used improperly as a factor in redrawing district voting lines.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Jackson, claims the majority-black Hinds County Board of Supervisors used “impermissible racial considerations” when redrawing district lines. […]

Buzz Report

Sex offender to pursue insanity defense

The lawyer for a convicted sex offender says the man will pursue an insanity defense against a charge of failing to register.

A filing Thursday said Cleve Calloway Gordon has a mental disease that prevented him to know right from wrong at the time of the alleged offense, when he didn’t register from February to April. […]