Robbery suspect charged with bribing witness

JaDarryl Johnson

By Monica Land

GULFPORT – A Harrison County man is being held on a $25,000 bond after authorities said he tried to bribe a witness in an armed robbery case against him.

JaDarryl Johnson

JaDarryl Johnson remains in custody after he was arrested on Sept. 30.

Chief Alan Weatherford said on June 17, the Gulfport Police Department received a complaint of armed robbery and Johnson was identified as the suspect and arrested shortly thereafter.

Johnson was later indicted for the robbery.

Weatherford said his office received a complaint and a warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest.

“On June 26, Gulfport Police received a complaint that Johnson was attempting to bribe a witness in the case. [So] upon advising Justice Court Judge Melvin Ray of the underlying facts and circumstances, a warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest.”

Weatherford said Johnson turned himself in to police on the outstanding warrant.

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