Oops! He did it again. Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney made “The Buzz” by creating more “buzz” among blogger and social media with his tanned look. Was it on purpose (for his Latino audience), i.e., to look more Latino in complexion?

Before & after photos of Romney earlier in his campaign and during his Univision appearance

Romney appeared on Univision’s “Meet the Candidate” event on Wednesday evening to talk about issues of importance to Latino voters, including immigration, education and foreign policy. But some bloggers, Facebook subscribers and Twitter users focused more on the candidate’s complexion than his message.

Some called it an orange spray tan, others labeled it “brownface,” but the conjecture was the same. Hundreds of viewers of Wednesday’s events took to the Internet, insinuating that the GOP candidate had somehow darkened his skin before coming on Univision’s forum, many noting that it was an attempt to appeal to Latino voters. The accusation was reported on by ABC News/Univision, The Huffington Post, Gawker and Wonkette, among others, receiving hundreds of comments on the sites.

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