Adult Kickball League goes from hope to reality

Pregame prayer for DivaDolls & DemDudes
By Tim Ward
Sports Writer
 Mark Zuckerberg did it again. Only this time he doesn’t know it. What started out as a facebook status has now turned into a kickball league.
 Sonja Stamps mentioned wanting to play kickball on her facebook page. She has a friend who is a part of a kickball league in Los Angeles and thought it would be fun to play after all these years. Her status sparked more interest than she probably thought it would.
 Several people thought it was a good idea. The dialogue began amongst her facebook friends, testing how serious people were about playing. Once everyone realized it was for real, the excitement went up another notch. Created from a facebook status were, the DivaDolls & DemDudes, the Fantastic 11, the Tiger Tailgaters, and Straight Ballin. These four teams are the kickball pioneers for Jackson. Games are played every Sunday at 6 p.m. at the softball fields behind the police academy off Jayne Avenue.
Pregame prayer for DivaDolls & DemDudes

The games are an excellent way for adults to get into shape, while having fun. Few activities combine those two things. Kickball has also brought back a sense of nostalgia. Childhood memories of kickball games [began] playing in the minds of the adults. The laughter generated from kickball is infectious.

 Stamps recalled those moments. She thought, “What better way to stay active with having fun, laughter and friends than playing a child’s sport.”
 Quentin “Datdude” Watkins thought it was a great idea also. “Kickball was a favorite childhood game of mine and it’s a great way to get some much needed exercise.” Tracie James-Wade said she is having a blast playing. She initially wasn’t sure if they were serious, but as the conversation grew, she knew it would happen.
 Stephanie Hatcher loved the idea. She stated, “I wanted to play, because I needed the exercise. I’m not the one to go to the gym or even walk the tracks, but I need the exercise, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity.”
 Thus far the age range is from 21 to early 50’s. Stamps loves that, stating that it proves you’re only as old as you “think.”
 The competitive nature of the games has risen each week. While it’s main purpose is exercise and fun, it does make the joints feel better when your team gets a win.
 “The competition level grows with intensity every game!” stated Watkins. The emergence of the league is evident by the number of player inquiries, team inquiries, and fans. Each week the crowd has gotten bigger and louder.
 Everyone expects it to be bigger next year. “We have had so much support and so many people inquiring about being apart of the league, said Tamara Jones. “I think that this is just the beginning of Jacksons first Kickball League. And I am so grateful to be apart of it, as a coach.”
 Jones stepped in for her friend Hatcher. Hatcher injured herself at practice before the season started. Players say that some people didn’t realize that they were really playing games, but once the pictures made it onto facebook, the interest skyrocketed.
Tiger Tailgaters pitcher gets ready to roll

“Once the pictures made it online, people started calling me wanting to play,” explained James-Wade. Facebook comments on the pictures have been hilarious and supportive.

 Response has been so high, Stamps sees a fall league forming to meet the demand. “Every week people are almost begging to join a team!” The teams will continue to battle until Aug. 19, in hopes of securing the first ever Jackson adult kickball league championship.