Mom stops son from robbing store with toy gun

Roy Mitchell

By Monica Land

BRANDON – A convenience store robbery was halted Thursday morning when the suspect’s mom intervened and made him leave the store. The robbery attempt was reported at Dees One Stop on Highway 80 in Brandon.

Authorities said the man, 22-year-old Roy Mitchell of Flowood, was in the store with his mother when he allegedly approached the counter with a bag of chips and pulled a gun on the clerk.

The clerk told police Mitchell demanded cash from her when the cash register was opened.

Mitchell’s mother was also in the store at the time and saw her son attempting to rob the clerk. Police said she ran over to her son and stopped the robbery.

Brandon officials said the woman told Mitchell to leave the store and asked the clerk not to call police because the gun was not real.

Mitchell, his mother and a third passenger – a woman – then drove east towards Pelahatchie in a red Oldsmobile Alero. They were stopped by an officer about 30 minutes later.

The plastic gun was found in the vehicle and Mitchell was arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery. His bond was reportedly set at $300,000.

The other woman, reportedly a cousin, was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Mitchell’s mother was not charged.

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