‘America’s Most Wanted’ helps in search for missing Carroll County woman

Linda Gail Reed

By Monica Land

GALLMAN – The search for a missing woman – with ties to Carroll County – has taken a national turn as her story has appeared on the ‘America’s Most Wanted’ website.

Sixty-five-year-old Linda Gail Reed, a bookkeeper for Moore Fabrications, in Gallman, left work about 7 p.m., on April 29 telling her co-workers she was going to Wal-Mart, and she’d be right back.

Reed never returned.

In fact, authorities said she never returned home to a mobile home she was living in on the site of the plant she worked for because when employees returned the following morning, the gate to the parking area was still locked from the outside.

Surveillance video from Wal-Mart showed Reed leaving the store about 9:30 p.m., but police have no idea where she went or where is now.

The next day, her vehicle, a GMC Envoy SUV, was found in Crystal Springs, hidden deep in the woods off the side of I-55.

Inside the Envoy was Reed’s purse, credit cards, and the $60 police said she withdrew from Wal-Mart. Also inside was a fake tooth from a partial, although there appeared to be no signs of a struggle or trauma.

A short distance from the vehicle, a blanket was found along with Reed’s cell phone and glasses.

Again, authorities said there were no signs of a struggle.

Just this week, a group of volunteers from Texas came to assist in the search for Reed. The search group of 10, are from an organization known as Equusearch in Texas.

Paul Kovach of Santa Fe, Texas explained to WLBT what their involvement was in the search.

“My purpose is to bring Linda Reed home alive. If the situation isn’t so, then to bring closure to the family,” said Kovach.

Friends said Reed had worked for Moore Fabrication since 1999 and was of sound mind. She had recently spoken with her son and daughter, and they said her conversation was normal.

A family spokesperson said Reed worked and lived in Gallman during the week, but returned home to Carrollton on the weekends.

Reed is 5’4″, weights about 159 pounds and has brown hair and gray eyes.

Anyone with information about Reed’s whereabouts can contact the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department at 601-894-3011.

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