Senator wins funds for school through fitness program

Derrick Simmons

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GREENVILLE– Senator Derrick Simmons (D-MS) defeated 49 other legislators this to claim funds for Greenville Weston High Scho

Derrick Simmons

ol through his participation in Paul Lacoste Sports Fit 4 Change presented by St. Dominic’s Health Services.

The 12-week fitness and nutrition program, which is now in its third year, allows state legislators to take an active role in changing the health outlook of the state. Teams House, Senate, Bryant, State and Mississippi are pitted against one another each week as they strive to achieve their own fitness goals and, in turn, inspire others.

This year, 50 legislators have signed up to work out alongside 150 other Mississippians and state leaders during the 2012 legislative session.

“I am so excited to about the 2012 program and thrilled with the level of interest we have had this year,” said Lacoste. “I am proud of these athletes, and I am looking forward to coaching them in the successful pursuit of their fitness goals.”

Each week, legislators compete for $500 to be donated to the school of his or her choice. During week two of the program, the group lost a total of 421 pounds. Senator Simmons won the week two challenge with a total weight loss of 8 pounds, 4.08 percent of his body weight.

“The war on obesity is one of our most contemporary wars,” said Simmons. “It is important that we win this war one battle at a time. There is a battle of guiding that must be won, and there is also a battle of creating a steady and consistent exercise plan. With winning those battles, the war on dieting and eating right will ultimately be won.”

Paul Lacoste Sports was founded by Lacoste, a Jackson, Mississippi, native who has been training youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes for 17 years. The positive changes in more than 5,000 local athletes are testament to Paul’s ability to produce results. After becoming an All-SEC linebacker for Mississippi State, Paul racked up experience in the NFL, CFL and XFL and was named CFL Rookie of the Year in 1999. Paul is one of the premier performance specialists in the United States, motivating his trainees and bringing passion and intensity to his training to help participants succeed.

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