One killed when train hits stalled car on tracks

An Alabama man was killed when Gulfport police said his car became stuck on the rairoad track and he was hit by a train. The accident remains under investigation. (file photo)

GULFPORT – An Alabama man was killed early Tuesday morning in Gulfport when his vehicle stalled on the tracks and he was hit by an oncoming train. Twenty-nine-year-old Brian D. Little of Mobile was pronounced dead at the scene after his car, a 2007 Dodge Charger, became lodged on the tracks.

Sgt. Damon J. McDaniel, of the Gulfport Police Department, said earlier that evening, Little and his friends were coming from a local bar when Little apparently got lost.

“Little and his passengers had been involved in an altercation at the bar and were asked to leave,” McDaniel said. “While riding in the area, Little became disoriented [because] he was unfamiliar with the area.”

McDaniel said Little was southbound on 29th Avenue when he attempted to cross the railroad tracks and his car became lodged on the tracks.

“It immobilized the vehicle,” McDaniel said. “And Little’s passengers left the area in an attempt to find help. Little remained…inside the vehicle.”

McDaniel said about 3 a.m., a CSX train traveling eastbound hit the passenger’s side of Little’s vehicle pushing it about four blocks where it later burst into flames.

Little’s two passengers left the area and were not injured, but McDaniel believes alcohol may have been a factor in Little‘s death.

The accident remains under investigation.

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