Innovated technology brings greater efficiency to healthcare

Technological advances in healthcare management these days are amazing. Just ask the attendees of the recent Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Mississippi Chapter Spring Conference at the Jackson Hilton Hotel. They witnessed a number of ways to enhance healthcare services.

While there are a number of innovated healthcare management solutions on the market, one such system, displayed at the conference, is proving to be highly viable, especially to rural healthcare facilities. That system is Integrated Healthcare Solutions (IHCS), which was a major sponsor of the HIMSS Conference.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions (IHCS), a Mississippi-based company, is dedicated to developing innovative information management systems for the industry. In response to the need for reduced cost, greater efficiency, and ultimately, better patient care in today’s medical practices, IHCS created their PrognoSYS electronic medical record software.

With electronic medical records (EMR) healthcare providers are able to create, use, and store patient medical information more efficiently and securely than traditional paper medical files.

Provider Vibha Vig, M.D., who uses the system in her Canton clinic and her Carthage satellite clinic, said she is excited about IHCS. “It’s a good program,” she said.

Because the program is web-based, she and her nurse practitioner at the satellite clinic can communicate back and forth regarding a patient. Being web-based is one of the program’s greatest advantages. “I can access my patients’ records from anywhere in the world,” she stated.

IHCS puts special emphasis on developing a solution for medical practices that helped them comply with these new directives – as well as with existing regulations like HIPAA. Beyond this, IHCS included with their EMR a state-of-the-art practice management solution that streamlines patient scheduling and billing, among other things. Dedication to developing cutting-edge technology is just the groundwork of the IHCS philosophy: “Long-term relationships and customer service is our top priority,” said CEO Duke Willingham.

IHCS will also market the “user friendly” system in the Mississippi Delta, where such a management solution will greatly benefit healthcare there. For years, the Mississippi Delta has been faced with a number of healthcare disparities, largely due, according to some, its deprived areas.

“We’re currently putting together plans for potential consumers in the Delta,” said IHCS Chief Operations Officer Jody Harbour.

Healthcare facilities interested in more information about the IHCS product may call (601) 812-5900.

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