U.N. says Syria refugees top 2 million mark; U.S. argues for strike

September 3, 2013 in News, Top Stories

BEIRUT (AP) — The number of refugees fleeing Syria’s violence has surpassed the 2 million mark, the U.N. refugee agency said Tuesday, as top U.S. officials prepared to argue before a key Senate committee for a punitive strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Earlier, the U.S. administration won backing from French intelligence and reportedly also from Germany’s spy agency for its claim that Assad’s forces were responsible for suspected chemical weapons attacks on rebel-held areas near Damascus that are believed to have killed hundreds of Syrian civilians….

Ricin Letters Case: Attorney says scant evidence links Curtis to letters

April 22, 2013 in Top Stories

Federal authorities have produced scant evidence linking a Mississippi man to the mailing of ricin-laced letters to the president and a senator, his attorney says.

Christi McCoy said after a court hearing Friday that the government has offered no evidence to prove her client, Paul Kevin Curtis, had possession of any ricin or the seed from which it is extracted – castor beans. An FBI agent testified during the hearing that he could not say if investigators had found ricin at Curtis’ home, and McCoy said the evidence linking the 45-year-old to the crime so far has hinged on his writings posted online.

He is adamant that he did not do this, and she said she has seen nothing to prove him wrong.

Protests against President Obama re-election: Ole Miss and Donald Trump

November 7, 2012 in Buzz Report, News, The Buzz, Top Stories

By Lonnie Ross

Not all Americans were happy about the re-election of President Barack Obama, the first African American president in the history of the United States and the first African American to be re-elected to the same office.

Some citizens decided to express their disgust with the election results publicly on social media and on the streets.

Donald Trump, the outspoken businessman and reality TV star told his Twitter followers Tuesday night he wants Americans to march on Washington to protest the “great and disgusting injustice” of Barack Obama being re-elected as U.S. president….

Obama wins second term

November 7, 2012 in News, Statewide News, Top Stories

By all accounts, Americans turned out in record numbers last night in a clear statement that this was an election that mattered.

And while President Obama didn’t win the popular vote, he easily surpassed the 270 electoral votes that he needed – gaining 303 – for another four years as the nation’s commander-in-chief.

Obama, Romney look for edge as campaign nears end

November 5, 2012 in News, Statewide News, Top Stories

President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney embarked Saturday on the final stretch of their long, grinding presidential campaign, making their closing arguments in the handful of battleground states that will decide the outcome of a tight race going down to the wire.

National opinion polls showed a race for the popular vote in tomorrow’s election so close that only a statistically insignificant point or two separated the two rivals.

Vice Presidential Debate: Who Got Their Facts Straight?

October 12, 2012 in News, Statewide News, Top Stories

Vice President Joe Biden has mangled a heaping helping of facts over the years. Despite being newer to presidential-campaign politics, Republican Paul Ryan has already earned something of a reputation for taking flying leaps past reality.

How’d they do Thursday night?

Supreme Court rules ‘Obamacare’ constitutional, a major victory for President Barack Obama

June 28, 2012 in News, Top Stories

(AP) The US Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare reform act on Thursday morning, delivering a surprise boost to his re-election prospects and enraging his conservative opponents. The Court said […]

Miss. not waiting on health care court ruling

June 28, 2012 in Health, News, Statewide News, Top Stories

Health care ruling could come today A WTVA Report JACKSON – Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says the state will continue working on its health care exchange even though the […]