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See for yourself how great our e-Edition is and start enjoying The Mississippi Link e-Edition wherever your day takes you.


2 thoughts on “e-Edition

  1. Flix Washington says:

    Great source for MS news.

  2. J.M. Radonagle says:

    For one day only, on Saturday February 21st, we would like to offer you a free digital copy of “Negro Please! A Book for Most Black People and All White Folks”

    This book pulls no punches. Everything is out on the table.

    It is way past the time for us to begin this discussion, and be completely honest about it for a change.

    Actually, this book covers the real honesty behind race relations, for the first time ever!
    Who is to blame for the issues we face today!? Why do all attempts to change things, fail?

    We need to have this very frank discussion.

    Here is the link… please join in and be a part of the conversation.


    Very Truly Yours,
    J. Madison Radonagle – author
    “Negro Please!”

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