Trump Did the Right Thing

July 16, 2019 in Opinion

By Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. Founder and President of Rainbow PUSH Coalition In the last week, President Donald Trump suddenly reversed two major decisions. He announced he would not begin […]

Black voters must hold all politicians accountable

June 13, 2018 in Opinion

By Jeffrey L. Boney, NNPA Newswire Contributor, It’s that time again. It occurs every year around the same time like clockwork. It’s election season. Political signs infiltrate black neighborhoods, placed […]

Stacey Abrams – standing on strong shoulders

May 30, 2018 in Opinion

By Julianne Malveaux, NNPA News Wire Columnist, I am among the millions who are ecstatic that Stacey Abrams won the Democratic nomination for governor in Georgia. She didn’t just win, […]

Fear can immobilize you

May 23, 2018 in Opinion

By E. Faye Williams Trice Edney Newswire Every time we turn on television, we hear “Breaking News” and it’s always something worse than the last news. It’s beginning to make […]

Diane Nash: A Civil Rights Icon Celebrates her 80th Birthday

May 22, 2018 in Opinion

By Marc H. Morial President and CEO National Urban League “She would not be moved. I felt my voice go up another decibel and another decibel and soon I was […]

The reasons why the U.S. has never achieved greatness

May 15, 2018 in Opinion

By A. Peter Bailey A recent column by a black Republican activist in the Washington Informer included the following: “But to my liberal friends who constantly ask ‘When was […]

Trump gives peace a chance in deciding to meet with North Korea’s leader

April 26, 2018 in News, Opinion

By Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. Founder and President of Rainbow PUSH Coalition President Donald Trump’s decision to meet with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong -un opens new possibilities. Trump’s critics […]

On 50th Anniversary of King Assassination, We Have Work to Do

April 5, 2018 in News, Opinion

By Jesse Jackson The 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination comes amid a fierce struggle for the soul of America. We will celebrate the progress that has […]