Fifteen years ago, the Nissan Canton plant opened its doors and brought opportunity to Mississippi. Since then, our state has become a hub for world-class automotive manufacturing, thanks to the work of our team members and community partners. Whether you look at the 4 million vehicles that have rolled off the line, the 6,500+ jobs at the plant or the 25,000+ jobs created statewide as a result of the Canton plant, we have reason to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Nissan Canton. We asked employees who’ve been with us since the beginning to share what working at Nissan means to them.

Of course, we didn’t do it alone. Building some of the best cars and trucks in America takes a village. From our suppliers and nonprofit partners to the communities we call home, we’re grateful for 15 years of strong collaborations lifting up Mississippi. Check out what our friends and neighbors said about our anniversary.

Ultimately, 15 years of success is the result of having a great team that is smart, determined and always ready to give back to the community. Ayanna Lynn, a 24-year-old process engineer at Nissan Canton, is a shining example of these qualities. Watch Ayanna’s inspirational story.




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