College Hill celebrates 7th Anniversary of Pastor Williams

October 12, 2017 in Religion

By Jackie Hampton,






When asked to describe his seventh year celebration as pastor of College Hill Baptist Church, Pastor Michael T. Williams replied, “This is one of the few times in my life that I am without words.” He went on to say that “this year’s celebration was inspiring, amazing and  filled with a tremendous spirit of authenticity.”

The celebration began Saturday, October 7 with a dinner theatre production of the gospel play, “The Devil on Trial” presented by the College Hill Church Pastoral Support Ministry. It was held in the church’s family life center located at 1600 Florence Avenue. The venue was filled to capacity and dinner was served at 5:30 p.m.

After what many described as a delicious meal, the cast took their places and the gospel play narrated by Joyce Smith and directed by Malena W. Dow began. There was much laughter when Lucifer, the devil, played by Joseph Houseworth went on trial for all of the damage he caused the people of God. Lucifer represented himself as the defendant’s attorney. ‘The Prosecutor,’ characterized as the angel, played by Leon Williams, set out to prosecute the devil for all the evil he caused the many witnesses that took the stand. In the end, Gabriel, the judge, played by Vanette Montgomery, found the devil guilty and recommended he be destroyed in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. After the play the cast of thirty received accolades from the guests for their performance.

The celebration for Williams continued Sunday, October 8 at 10 a.m. He was escorted to the pulpit by Ja’Mirica Hicks, Miss Freshman at Jim Hill High School and Dekala Hood, Jr. Superintendent of the College Hill Sunday School. A warm welcome was extended to the visitors by Deaconess Shellie Michael and the occasion was given by Sara Williams.

In a tribute on behalf of the Children Ministry, Jabari Harris said the children love and appreciate the pastor because they come to church each Sunday to hear the word of God from a man that God has blessed to preach the word. Harris closed with a personal prayer for Williams.

Leah Clark, speaking on behalf of the Youth Ministry said she knew that God had given the pastor a lot of wisdom. She thanked him for always praying for the youth and supporting them in their endeavors.

Justin Coleman said on behalf of the College Ministry that “Pastor Williams is concerned with not only their spiritual foundation but their academic foundation as well.”

Speaking on behalf of the College Hill family Denise Griffin who is also the church secretary, said that the church appreciates Williams; humble spirit and his kind heart. “God gave us a pastor who gives us thought provoking and powerful messages,” Griffin said. “He is always on call for his members.”

The preached word was given by Thomas Morris, Sr., pastor of Greater Hinds Street Baptist Church. When asked about the message which Morris titled “How Shall We Preach,” Williams stated, “Dr. Morris’s message was a powerful preaching moment that encouraged me as a preacher- pastor. Williams also said, “He had me on the edge of my seat. He is by far one of God’s best preachers not only in Mississippi but throughout this country”. Morris, who was introduced by his cousin Deacon John Morris was very well received by the congregation as he spoke on how God uses faulty men to carry His message to precious cargo.

When asked about the past seven years of service Williams said, “Each year I have seen a great level of growth and yet graciousness from the members of our church. I have seen a level of spiritual increase in the lives of God’s people each passing year and while each year has had its’ challenges, the spiritual increase is truly felt, not only in the membership but also in my heart.

Dow, chairman of the pastor’s anniversary committee presented Williams with a portrait of himself painted by local artist James Hampton.

The College Hill Mass Choir directed by Brandon Mitchell presented the music for the anniversary service. A special musical tribute “If I can Help Somebody” was song by Rosie Davis. Deacon Louis Wright, Senior served as Program Guide.

Jackie Hampton, chairman of the Pastoral Ministry said to Williams in her closing remarks, “It is because of who you are, that makes it easy for us to do what we do.”