Momma’s Baby Boy coming to Jackson Sept. 30

August 9, 2017 in Entertainment

5 ENTIRE CAST FRONT FLYER (HI RES FINAL)What happens when a mother holds on to her son too long? That’s precisely what we learn as Nephew Tommy, Jackee’ Harry, Shirley Murdock, “Lil G” from the R & B group Silk, and more unite to tell the story of a how a man is forced to change the life of a “Momma’s Boy” and turn him into a grown man.

Autumn is forced to turn the life of her son over to her new fiancé who is committed to turning her momma’s boy into a man. Autumn’s son, Jody played by Lil G, is a spoiled young man who blames everyone else for his problems and his inability to become a man. Jody is unemployed and his mother still washes his clothes and cooks for him. Jody is used to living a life with just he and his mother that he feels no man is good enough. Jody begins to question Aaron’s true intentions for his mother and challenges Aaron’s authority in the process. Autumn is now faced with the decision of choosing between her son and the man she is set to marry.

Playwright Priest Tyaire and his all-star cast put a heart felt, comedic spin on the iconic classic movie “Baby Boy.”