Ammons pledges to unify Ward 7

March 16, 2017 in News

Mississippi College School of Law student seeks to serve

By Othor Cain


Business owner T. Dennis walks Farrish Street with LaDarion Ammons.

Business owner T. Dennis walks Farrish Street with LaDarion Ammons.

LaDarion Ammons is a life-long resident of Jackson and currently lives in the Battlefield Park community.

A graduate of Jim Hill High School, Mississippi State University and soon to be graduate of Mississippi College School of Law, he was raised to value hard work and ingenuity.

Watching his parents, Charles (Chuk) and Carolyn, two successful business owners in Jackson, deal with the never-ending issues of being small business owners, Ammons developed a deep appreciation for the devotion they [his parents] have for Jackson. This devotion would lead to him getting involved and investing in Jackson.

While at Mississippi State, Ammons was active in leadership roles, serving as the vice president of the College Democrats and serving on the Honor Code Council. Here he developed his passion, earned a degree in political science and is now ready to take on public office. “I think Ward Seven has seen continuous growth and development, which is great. This is in spite of the actions within city hall,” Ammons said at a press conference announcing his candidacy for city councilman Ward 7.

“There are also parts of Ward 7 that are underdeveloped and forgotten by current representation, this is unacceptable. We need representation within city hall that can work for all of Ward 7, leaving no area left behind.”

To some, the part of town [Battlefield Park] where Ammons calls home is seemingly a ‘left behind’ part of Ward 7. “My neighborhood, the MidTown area and portions of South Jackson are areas where some residents feel underrepresented,” he said.

“At the end of the day, I am just a guy from Jackson who loves this city and wants this city to be successful. I know that its success depends on Ward Seven being able to fully engage in the problems plaguing all of the city. I want to work for all of Ward 7, and in turn all of Jackson.”

Ammons has listed as his top priorities:

Economic development

• Encourage business development on Terry Rd/University Blvd.

• Continue to support and encourage businesses in Belhaven and Fonder

• Develop Ward 7 Business Coalition to foster year round communication with the city

• Beautification of parks, parkways and neighborhoods

• Ensure Ward 7 is a priority in the 1 percent infrastructure projects

• Revitalize parks and create green spaces

• Adopt-a-Park (business and non-profits) • Strengthen relationships and community involvement

• Engage Ward 7 in school board selection process

• Engage stakeholders to correct problems in JPS

• Create Ward 7 community watch network.

Ward 7 has more than 15, 000 residents that also includes Fondren, Belhaven and portions of downtown.

In 2014, Ammons became the co-founder and CEO of the non-profit mentoring program Brothers of Mississippi, Inc., whose vision is to “empower youth through education, service and leadership.” Ammons believes in creating a better image for youth and setting an example for them to follow. His work in this arena also pushed him to run for public office.

“If not me, who,” he asked? “We’ve got to give our youth something better to strive for me.” Ammons believes the city of Jackson needs leaders who are invested in the vitality of the entire city.

“I have chosen to make a life in Jackson, working to ensure that our family business and the legacy my parents have worked hard to build isn’t lost,” he said. “My dream is the dream of every resident of Jackson. I want to fight for all of Ward 7, for every business and every resident.”