Primary election results bring adulations and upsets

August 6, 2015 in News

DA Robert Shuler Smith is in, Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis is out

By Ayesha K. Mustafaa


p1 DA Smith Election RESULTS - IMG_4005 p1 VictorMasonVictory (40)All across Mississippi in general and Jackson in particular, Tuesday night, August 4, vote tallies had many sitting on the edge of their seats.

As the number of votes per candidate became clear, there were some dancing with adulations and others somber from a stinging upset.

Reviewing campaign broadcast and print ads, the candidates, for the most part, put their hearts and backs into the run to hold onto or upseat an office.

Some of the most vocal campaigns were from candidates for District Attorney (Dist. 7), Hinds County Sheriff, Hinds County Tax Collector, and the Hinds County Broad of Supervisors – all five districts up for a vote.

DA Robert Shuler Smith sailed in with 71 percent over his very vocal opponent Stanley Alexander, who came in with 29 percent of the votes. There are no Republican or Independent candidates, so Smith will retain his office.

Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis was unseated by contending candidate Victor P. Mason. Mason garnered 52 percent of the votes for the office, meaning he will be the democratic candidate in November. He will then face Independent candidate Reginald Thompson and Republican candidate Charlette Stewart Oswalt.

Hinds County Tax Collector Eddie Fair won a smooth victory after a campaign trail of contentious dialogue between him and contestant Santore D. Bracey with no Republican or Independent for the November general election.

Other results: Hinds County Chancery Clerk Eddie Jean Carr garnered 74 percent of the votes over Stephanie McKenzie Foster (with no republican or independent contenders).

The Hinds County Circuit Clerk seat goes to Zack Wallace at 65 percent of the votes (no Republican or Independent contenders).


Gov. Phil Bryant brought in 92 percent of the Republican votes and will face little known Democrat Robert Gray, who garnered 51 percent in the Democratic primary in the November 3 general election.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves received 82 percent of the Republican votes and will face off Tim Johnson, the Democratic contender, in November.

Attorney General Jim Hood, uncontested as Democratic candidate, will face off Republican Mike Hurst in November. Also Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, the uncontested Republican, will face off Democrat Charles Graham.

Cecil Brown, Democrat, won 73 percent of the vote for Public Service Commission Central state. In November, he will run against Republican Brent Bailey, who beat out Tony Greer, former Hinds County Dist. 4 supervisor.

Some State House results: Speaker of the House Philip Gunn (Dist. 56) is uncontested.

The following Democratic State Representatives have no Republican contenders in November: Christopher Bell (Dist. 65) won 50 percent of the vote. Credell Calhoun (Dist. 68 incumbent) won by 71 percent. Alyce G. Clarke (Dist. 69 incumbent) won by 76 percent. And Kimberly Campbell (Dist. 72 incumbent) won with 89 percent.

In the August 25 runoff are: Dist. 27 candidates Leroy Lacy (41 percent) and Kenneth Walker (33 percent); and Dist. 70 candidates Kathy Sykes (39 percent) and Samuel Begley (33 percent).

Some State Senate results: For Dist. 21, Barbara Blackmon and Kenneth Jones (incumbent) will be in a runoff – both garnering 50 percent of the votes with no Republican contender.

Incumbent Sen. John Horhn (Dist. 26) won the Democratic primary with 75 percent of the vote and has no Republican contender.

Dist. 27’s State Sen. Hillman Frazier will face Ponto Downing, a Republican contender in November.

State Sen. David Blount won the Democratic primary with 84 percent and will face Republican contender James Broadwater in November.

Dist. 28 State Sen. Sollie Norwood is uncontested this year.

And in November, State Sen. Chris McDaniel (Democrat) will face Johnny Ishmel Henry (Republican).

Candidates with the highest number of votes, but not receiving 50 percent plus one in their party primaries, will face each other again in the August 25 runoff election.