2nd nurse pleads guilty in cancer clinic fraud case

October 30, 2013 in Health, News, Top Stories

This Aug. 12, 2011 provided by the Madison County Sheriff's Dept. shows Dr. Meera Sachdeva, in Canton, Miss. Sachdeva is the founder of the Rose Cancer Center in Summit. (AP Photo/Madison County Sheriff's Department)

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — A second nurse has pleaded guilty to failing to report a crime at a south Mississippi cancer clinic that was shut down over unsafe practices and accused of a multimillion-dollar fraud.

Brittany Davis Powell pleaded guilty Oct. 21 to misprision of a felony during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Jackson.

Her lawyer, Cynthia Stewart, told the court that Powell lied to law enforcement about the owner of Rose Cancer Center ordering nurses to make retroactive entries in patients’ files.

The 25-year-old Powell faces up to three years in prison at sentencing on Jan. 10.

Another nurse, Courtney Michelle Young, pleaded guilty Oct. 15 on a similar charge. Her sentencing is Jan. 6.

Dr. Meera Sachdeva, who founded the clinic in Summit, is serving a 20-year sentence.