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STARKVILLE – For three consecutive years, Mississippi State University has raised more than $80 million in outright gifts and pledges of future support from individuals, corporations, foundations, trusts and estates, with the just-ended 2013 fiscal year exceeding $81.3 million

Previous record years included FY 2012, in which Mississippi State experienced its largest single giving year total in school history with over $86.4 million. More than $80.3 million was raised in FY 2011.

“We deeply appreciate the generosity of alumni and friends who are investing their personal resources to help Mississippi State University carry out its invaluable mission of teaching, research and service,” said MSU President Mark E. Keenum.

Keenum said, “This level of support is clear evidence that individuals and corporate supporters have confidence in our efforts to impact the lives of individuals across our state and nation and extend our reach across the globe.”

Of this year’s $81.3 million, $67.07 million was in outright gifts and pledges “marking the second largest year recorded in these areas by the institution’s fundraising arm. This figure is just under the highest year recorded for outright gifts and pledges at $67,882,860 in FY 2002.

“Another successful year of private support is an important milestone for the university, particularly as we move toward announcing another long-term fundraising endeavor this fall to advance Mississippi State and its long-range strategic plan and priorities,” said John P. Rush, MSU vice president for development and alumni who serves as Foundation CEO.

The proportion of alumni who contributed during the year also rose slightly to 18.3 percent, ranking MSU above several major peer institutions in that measure of support among former students. This number has continued an upward trend at MSU in recent years, placing the university well above the 11.2 percent national average indicated by the 2012 Voluntary Support of Education annual report, which publishes fundraising statistics of higher education institutions.

At Mississippi State, total giving for a fiscal year is the sum of outright gifts, pledges of new gifts, and commitments of deferred gifts, Rush said. The total does not include payment of pledges from previous years or receipts of deferred gifts committed in previous years.

Most fundraising for Mississippi State University is conducted by the MSU Foundation, established in 1962 to help the university attract support from private sources.

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