By Monica Land

GREENVILLE – A 25-year old woman has been sentenced to life in prison after she admitted she put her son in the oven while he was still alive. Terri Robinson appeared in front of Judge Ashley Hines in Washington County Circuit Court last week where entered a plea of guilty in the murder of her son, 3-year-old Tristan Robinson.

Tristan was found by police at his mother’s apartment on March 2, 2011 after responding to an emergency call.

At the time of the incident, Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson said she was called to the scene at Robinson’s first floor apartment in Greenville about 12:32 a.m., after officers found the toddler’s nude body in the oven.

Although the toddler was pronounced dead when she arrived, Johnson said he actually died a few hours earlier.

“He hadn’t been deceased that long,” Johnson said then. “The actual time of his death was probably around 10 p.m., but I pronounced him after I arrived around 1:02 a.m.”

Authorities said Tristan’s body was still warm when he was removed from the oven and that he had severe burns on his body. Johnson also said he sustained some trauma to his head.

Initially, Johnson said she’d hope Tristan died from head injuries prior to being placed in the oven. Autopsy results a few days later, however, proved otherwise.

“His cause of death was thermal injury as the result of the heat from the stove,” an emotional Johnson said. “We can not relate if he was conscience or unconscious at the time or not. But the head injury may have indirectly or directly come from him rolling over in the oven.”

Robinson was charged with murder and her bond was set at $5 million by Greenville city judge Michael Prewitt.

At the time of the investigation, Robinson’s twin sister, Sherrie, said her sister was “a great parent” and a “good person,” and that family members didn’t know “what went wrong or what happened.”

“Do not sit there and call her a bad mom ‘cause that’s not what she is,” Sherrie Robinson told WXVT.”

Another child, a little girl, found at the residence was removed from the home by the Department of Human Services during the investigation.

Johnson said during her many years as coroner, Tristan’s case was particularly disturbing.

“This is a really sad moment for me. I’ve seen a lot of things, but this is one that will stick in my memory for a long, long time,” Johnson said then.

  1. DMH says:

    This story still gives me nightmares. I can’t even imagine what would motivate someone to put a live being in an oven. As a mother of 4 boys, I understand how situations can escalate to a point where you feel you have lost control. She was never a good mother if she ever entertained the idea of killing her child. Her sister is a desperate fool.

  2. Don says:

    I found this site after watching this case dramatized on “Deadly Women”. I had to google it because they made it look like she out the kid in the oven naked and turn the oven on!!! I couldn’t believe that was what really happened!! I’ve seen some bad stuff on that show, but this!!! This is almost the worst one of the three years I’ve been watching this! The only reason Grezelda Blanco is worse is because she ordered a hit (she was a mob queen) on one of her men and when the man’s 3 year old was killed, she was beyond happy. That’s pure evil.

  3. chyna says:

    Her sister is a f..king idiot…how the hell was your sister a good parent when she killed her 3yr.old son and even worse put him in an oven, u must be as dumb as your sister stupid!!!and they should have gave her ass the electric chair cause a nothing ass person like her doesn’t deserve to be breathing, I really hope someone kills her in prison & nothing quick,she needs to suffer and watch herself die slowly!!

  4. Marilyn Villanueva says:

    It just pains me to hear when little babies are being abused and killed. What this demonic wacko did to that innocent 3 year old baby boy is unforgivable! All babies are God’s gifts & little angels and should only be loved and nurtured. That wacko’s punishment to just be put behind bars for life does not even fit this despicable, heinous crime she did to that poor innocent little human being. If I had the power & authority to change & make the punishment more severe to fit this wicked crime, all those wackos who are thinking about hurting, abusing or killing their own babies would snap out of it and/or would not even think about committing one or lay their hands on them whatsoever! Also, for her sister to make a stupid comment like that after a defenseless little baby was put in an oven to suffer & die, not only she IS A DESPERATE FOOL, somebody needs to keep a watchful eye on her if she has little babies of her own. Lastly, but not least, I hope that sick wacko suffers & burns in the fires of hell!

  5. stacey says:

    this woman was mentally Ill and everyone surrounding her knew it…it’s not normal to hear voices that tell you to bake and fry your children or to stand in the streets saying your possessed so stop judjing her because no one knows in what state of mind we may wake up in.

  6. Bella says:

    she was mentally ill (now i’m not saying that justifies her choice of putting the poor child in the oven) and she was convinced that she was possessed by satan. she actually called people she knew ,begging for help, however instead of coming over and helping the woman, they simply told her to “pray more”.

  7. Denise says:

    If she had the presence of mind to call 911 after roasting her son alive, she was sane enough to have done it BEFORE. And lying to cover her actions demonstrates consciousness of guilt. I hope she someday dies slowly in great pain. And burns in hell for all eternity.

  8. Niesha says:

    I disagree with the people saying she wasn’t a good mother, we don’t know this woman personally, so who are you to judge?This is a horrible act on another human let alone your own child and it seems very possible that this woman was seriously ill….maybe she was a bad mother but when a women kills her kids and then kills herself people say “Oh poor mother she didn’t want them to suffer without her”…which is bull I guess what I’m trying to say is Andrea Yates she killed all of her kids for the SAME reason as Terrie and she got insanity and is most likely out…google it!(Who seems crazier…but I guess I don’t have to tell you why they both got two very different sentences)

  9. Kim says:

    Her sister is beyond stupid. She does not know how dumb it sounds for her to say her sister was a good parent after baking her son in an oven. She and her sister need to be placed in an oven at a low temperature to suffer a painful slow death. This is so sad. Don’t these deranged people know all they have to do is give the kids to someone that will love and protect them, you don’t have to hurt or kill them.

  10. Rudechica says:

    I also heard of this story on an episode on “Deadly Women”. This mother clearly had mental illness but had no one to recognize or help. I truly believe mental people need to be sterilized so they can’t have kids otherwise you end up hearing shit like this. America use to do this in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It’s considered unconstitutional now. Search the internet and you will find story after gruesome story of kids that have died at the hands of a parent who has mental illness. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE KIDS! Then some of the kids get the mental gene passed on and you have generations of crazy people and tax payers fit the bill for their services. You can’t stop people from having sex but, you can damn sure stop them from making babies.

  11. San says:

    The woman was clearly mentally ill, and had been for some time. She repeatedly told people that her mind was possessed, but was told she needed to pray more. The day she killed the child, she called several people asking for help and talking in a way that should have alerted people to her unbalanced state, but no one responded or checked on them until it was too late. Anyone who has ever witnessed evidence of abuse or neglect of children or obvious evidence of insanity but turned his or her back because it wasn’t his or her business has contributed to the possibility of such a tragedy. Look at all the people who had the opportunity to prevent this and realize, there, but for the Grace of God, go you and I. Judging Terrie may make you feel better about yourself, but unless you’re schizophrenic but not homicidal, you’re not better, you’re just more fortunate. Instead of patting yourself on the back for being a better person than Terrie, learn what indicators of danger were visable and remember so that, if you ever find yourself in a position to stop a tragedy, you’re aware, responsible and willing to get involved while BEFORE there’s tragedy to judge.

  12. Faith says:

    I heard about the incident earlier today, and I was so shocked I had to look it up to see if it was real. I am in completly bewildered at such a horrendous act. I do not belive that lady was in her right mind. NO mother would do tht to her child NO MOTHER. I do think that she was being tormented with spirits, and I bet they were in hell laughing. One thing I know is that God would not have allowed that child to suffer, I do not belive that He let that little baby feel the pain. I belive that He took the baby in so he would not feel any pain. It is most definately a horror story; I only pray that Terrie finds God before it is too late.

  13. Rob says:

    It is a fact in this case that Terrie was showing signs of severe mental breakdown for weeks leading up to this incident, and finally broke down completely. The commenters above who are lashing out at this woman for the horrible thing she did are either not wholly informed about the situation, or are fools, themselves. Ms. Robinson was clearly mentally ill. She asked for help with the children on several occasions in the days leading up the incident, but it was either too inconvenient for those in her circle of friends and family, or they didn’t catch on to the danger she posed to her children. But she DID ask for help. It was ignored. Any legal system that would even consider sending this woman to prison after an incident like this one is severely lacking in provisions for the mentally ill and is denying them the help they so desperately need. It also denies the innocent victims in cases like this one the protection they deserve.

  14. Rochelle Tabb says:

    This is sad but she was truly depressed by not knowing who her babys father was she felt she was a sinner she called out for help she said she heard voices…. I read up about this case

  15. zoey says:

    Seen deadly women today with this story.As a mom myself of three born very close together and a teenage mom then,I can’t believe any of the defense,thus little boy suffered horribly.Life!!! Life in prison is a joke she needs to feel what he went through why support people that can do these things,she was with it enough to lie to police to try and get her sorry butt of the hook.Now she gets free meals,free bed,as a parent you are supposed to protect and care for our babies,I would die for mine and they are adults now.Just knowing shes alive disgusts me,as a person believing in God I do not and can not think he will ever or would ever forgive her for this!I pray everytime she closes her eyes she sees his little face,and I also pray her daughter NEVER finds out who her birth mother is.

  16. rebekah says:

    I think she was possessed. Her sister states that she was a good mother up until that point. Its so scary how in a snap people can change. Just by reading this I am beyod sick to my stomach I cant imagine what the baby’s family is going through (excluding the mother). There is no way to get beyond this and back to a normal life…..its just not possible. My prayers are wth this family because only God can give them any sort of peace even if it’s just being able to wake up the next day and face the same reality.

  17. Lala says:

    Anyone that hears voices is not psychotic. They are in danger of being possessed. Those voices in her head were evil demonic entities that managed to possess her. This much is obvious. Horrible outcome to possession of an evil entity or entities. She almost killed her other baby but the demonic spirit exited her body at that moment. Maybe God or good spirits drove it out. She instantly regretted what she had done. Just terrible.

  18. Sabrina Pappas says:

    Gee I guess non of you were lucky enough to have post natal trama. I was fortunate to only have it with my 1st child but it was before they knew what it was. I throw out all my knives and then got agoraphobia so bad I couldn’t walk from room to room in my home. If you watched the story she did call several people to ask them to take the children for a while but everyone was to busy. Makes you think doesn’t it.

  19. Kelly M Stout says:

    To be able to kill your own child is sick and demented. To be able to kill your own child, or anyone for that matter, in this way, is beyond comprehensible. It’s beyond being insane. It’s beyond being evil. It’s the darkest thing I can think of. She didn’t shoot him because she was mad. She struggled with him, put him in there and turned the oven on.

    Why is she not in front of a firing squad? Or maybe we can resurrect the guillotine

  20. Kelly M Stout says:

    “Don’t sit there and call her a bad mom”

    I’m not calling her a bad mom. I’m calling her the worst mom.

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