Former Wal-Mart cashier arrested

April 3, 2012 in News

GREENWOOD – (AP) A former cashier at the Wal-Mart in Greenwood has been arrested two years after she was indicted for taking merchandise and money from the store.

Deputy Greenwood Police Chief Johnny Langdon tells the Greenwood Commonwealth that 25-year-old Yalonda Sherrell Johnson was arrested this week after a traffic stop in Memphis.

Langdon says Johnson is being held in the Leflore County jail on $5,000 bond. She has been charged with felony embezzlement.

The indictment allegations that on Sept. 12, 2010, Johnson picked out some merchandise in the store and put it into a cart. She then left the cart and went back to her register. About an hour later, a man got the cart and took it to Johnson’s register to check out.

According to the indictment, Johnson scanned some items and bagged others without scanning them. The man allegedly gave Johnson two bills, which she handed back to him when she had opened the cash drawer. She also took six $100 bills from the drawer and gave them to the man.

Langdon says the cost of the items she scanned was $19.76. The value of the merchandise that wasn’t scanned was $301.21 and $600 cash was missing.

Langdon says Johnson fled to Memphis after the indictment was issued in 2010.